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This Web Portal is edited by the Company RESTAURACION BANDAMA SL holder of Tax Identification Card  CIF Nº  B-76208701 with business domicile at Lugar Campo de Golf, 10 Santa Brigida, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, hereinafter called VILLA BANDAMA GOLF. 

The aim of these Conditions is to regulate the use of this Website, which is owned by the VILLA BANDAMA GOLF, which is the owner of a system which allows the direct reservation and/or sale of the services offered thereon, and which is operated independently by its users, whether these are companies or clients.
Use of the Website by a third party gives them the status of User and implies full acceptance of each and every one of the conditions included in this Legal Notice by the said User.
VILLA BANDAMA GOLF may offer services or products through the Website which may be subject to special conditions, which, as appropriate, replace, complete and/or modify these conditions and of which the User will be advised in each specific case.
Access to by the User is free. Nevertheless, some of the services offered by VILLA BANDAMA GOLF or third parties through may be subject to the prior contracting of the service or product and payment of a sum of money in a manner specified in the corresponding special conditions, in which case they will be made available to Users.
These general conditions apply to the use of tools and the purchase of the products and services belonging to VILLA BANDAMA GOLF, where it is likewise the owner of the portal domain from which it will offer its products which it makes available to internet users through its website (

VILLA BANDAMA GOLF address is Lugar Campo de Golf 10, CP 35300 Santa Brigida, Las Palmas de G.C. If you wish to contact it to ask a question connected with your reservation or the system you may do so by using the Assistant section of the website or by sending an e-mail to

These conditions will apply to the specific Service detailed in the confirmation message received by the user once a purchase has been completed
The minimum advance period between reserving a product or service will generally depend on availability, which will be described at all times by the computer system and will appear on the screen immediately unless the services requested are available immediately and this is indicated. If services require a greater advance period, it will be duly specified on the website.
VILLA BANDAMA GOLF guarantees the privacy of data, as well as the security of payment operations to purchase products or services using a credit card. The client will receive all the information on their purchase at the e-mail address indicated by them within a maximum period of 24 hours. This will serve as a receipt for their transaction. Nevertheless, this operation is normally immediate.
In cases where access to website address has been made through another website address by means of an affiliation, it is possible that your access to the system will be restricted to continuing to access by the same affiliated website address. In this case you will be informed at the time of registration on
VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will clearly and precisely detail the special conditions of each product or service, which items are included in the price paid using the payment system offered by the VILLA BANDAMA GOLF. The client should see and accept them at the end of the sale together with these general conditions. Likewise, in the special conditions for each product or service the deadlines for exercising the right of cancellation, as well as the conditions for withdrawal will be listed. These are the same as those published on the VILLA BANDAMA GOLF website ( and may vary depending on the product or service being reserved.

The owner of the Website reserves the right to modify, develop or update the conditions of use of this Webpage at any time without prior notice. The User will be automatically under obligation under the conditions of use in force when accessing the Webpage.

VILLA BANDAMA GOLF is the owner and holds the corresponding license to the operating rights of intellectual and industrial ownership of All contents of the Website, including the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs and other elements appearing on the Website are the exclusive property of VILLA BANDAMA GOLF or third parties, unless stated otherwise. In no event will it be considered that access and navigation by the User implies foregoing, transfer, license or total or partial cession of the said rights by VILLA BANDAMA GOLF in respect of any other right connected with its Website and the services offered thereon. Consequently, it is not allowed to suppress, evade or manipulate notification of copyright and any other data identifying the rights of VILLA BANDAMA GOLF  or their owners included in the contents, as well as the technical protection devices, fingerprints or any information and/or identification mechanisms which may be included in the contents.
It is likewise forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly notify, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, send by post, transmit, use, process or distribute all or part of the contents included in any way for public or commercial purposes, if the express written authorization of VILLA BANDAMA GOLF or, if appropriate, the owner of the corresponding rights, is not held.
The User consequently acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, marketing, transformation and any other form of exploitation in general by any procedure of all or part of the contents of this Website constitutes a violation of the rights of intellectual and/or industrial ownership of the owner of the Web or of the owner of the said rights.

The User undertakes to use the Web, the contents and services in accordance with current laws and this Legal Notice. The User likewise undertakes to not use the Website or the services provided through it for illegal purposes or effects or purposes or effects contrary to this Legal Notice, harmful to the interests or rights of third parties or which in any way may damage, render useless or deteriorate the Website or its services or deprive normal enjoyment of the Website by other Users.
The User likewise expressly undertakes not to destroy, alter, render useless or in any other way damage the electronic or other data, programs or documents on this Website.
If, in order to use and/or contact a service on, the User has to register, they will be responsible for entering truthful and legitimate information, which in any event will be entered by the user themselves into the system, where the user will likewise be issued a password which they undertake to use with care, keeping the password for accessing these services secret. Consequently the User is responsible for the proper custody and confidentiality of any means of identification and/or passwords issued to them by and undertakes not to transfer temporary or permanent use thereof to third parties or to allow access thereto by outside persons. The User will be liable for use of the services by any illicit third party using a password for this purpose due to careless use or loss thereof.
By virtue of the above, it is an obligation of the User to notify the managers of immediately of any undue use of means of identification and/or passwords such as theft, removal or unauthorized access thereto, so that they may be cancelled immediately. Until these events have been notified, VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will be exempt from any liability which may arise  from the improper use of means of identification or passwords by unauthorized third parties.

VILLA BANDAMA GOLF may authorize third party companies through to publicize or provide their services. In these cases VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will not be responsible for setting the general and specific conditions to be taken into account in the use, provision or contracting of these services by third parties and, therefore, may not be considered liable for them.
Advertisers and sponsors alone are responsible for guaranteeing that the material sent for inclusion on the Website complies with any laws which may be applicable in each case. The owner of the Website will not be responsible for any error, inexactness or irregularity which publicity may contain or for sponsors.
Moreover, the user hereby expressly authorizes the VILLA BANDAMA GOLF to send publicity information by different means of communication (e-mail, SMS, post) for the different products and offers where, in the event of the services offered being contracted, the user expressly accepts the special conditions thereof, and in the event of this authorization not being cancelled, they shall notify the VILLA BANDAMA GOLF thereof using the CANCELLATION OF AUTHORISATION TO RECEIVE PUBLICITY document attached to the end of the document.
Having received the REQUEST TO CANCEL PUBLICITY, VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will deal with the request made as soon as possible, for which receipt of the document and in no event the date of the request or dispatch will apply.

The client guarantees that they are an adult and the truthfulness of the data with which they are making their reservation. All reservations are personal and may not be sold, assigned or transferred. VILLA BANDAMA GOLF guarantees strict compliance with all rules relating to the protection of clients’ data, to not using it for other purposes without the client’s authorization and not passing this data to third parties without clients’ express consent. VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will allow (provided the system permits) access by the client to the files in which their data appears in order to modify or cancel it. To do this, the client will have their access to the web to modify or cancel the data, whenever they wish. This action which will be technically implemented in staggered form.
The User authorizes their data to be passed to companies in the Group for the purposes detailed above.
In the event of the data held being used for a purpose other than that for which it has been requested or obtained, the prior consent of the parties concerned will be required.
VILLA BANDAMA GOLF has adopted the necessary technical and organizational means to guarantee the security and integrity of data, as well as to prevent alteration, loss or processing thereof or unauthorized access thereto.
Visiting this Web does not mean that the User is obliged to provide any information on themselves. In the event of the User providing any information of a personal nature, the data contained on this Website will be used for the purpose, in the manner and with the limitations and rights contained in Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data within the framework of Spanish legislation. Data provided by Users will be included in the personal files for which VILLA BANDAMA GOLF is responsible, it will be kept confidentially on Spanish territory by the owner of the File  whose address and details are given in clause one of this contract .
The said Company will therefore be responsible for processing personal data obtained by VILLA BANDAMA GOLF through Users who provide personal data unequivocally agree to the inclusion of their data in the personal data files for which VILLA BANDAMA GOLF is responsible, as well as computer processing or not thereof so that it may be used by VILLA BANDAMA GOLF in order to contact Users for promotional and/or informative purposes.
Users whose data is the object of processing may freely exercise the rights of objection, access, rectification and cancellation of their data and cancellation of their authorization without retroactive effects under the terms specified in Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data in accordance with the legally established procedure. These rights may be exercised by writing to the department responsible for the automated file, as described above.
In order to exercise their right of cancellation, the User shall send by post the document attached at the end of this legal notice, completed, signed and with supporting documentation.
When collecting data, the voluntary or obligatory nature of the data being collected will be indicated. Refusal to provide data classified as obligatory will imply the non-provision of or the inability to access the service for which it was requested. Likewise, data may be provided voluntarily so that the services offered may be provided in the best way possible.
Access to this Website may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information which are stored on the browsers used by each User so that the server remembers certain information which will subsequently only be read by the server implementing it. Cookies generally have a time limit. No cookie will allow contact to be made using the User’s telephone number, their e-mail address or any other means of contact. No cookie may extract information from the User’s hard disk or steal personal information. Those Users who do not wish to receive cookies or who wish to be informed of their installation may configure their browser for this purpose.

VILLA BANDAMA GOLF declines any liability arising from damage caused by third parties due to the electronic means used, such as viruses, Trojan Horses, logic bombs or any other programming routine against property.
VILLA BANDAMA GOLF does not guarantee on-going, uninterrupted and safe operation of their web services. Errors and crashes in the service may be brought about by outside factors beyond our control.
VILLA BANDAMA GOLF is free to include their products with their respective prices and conditions at any time. This means that apart from the general conditions stated here, there are special conditions which the supplier stipulates. VILLA BANDAMA GOLF and any other websites owned by them or associated with them are not travel agencies and as such do not act in this capacity.
VILLA BANDAMA GOLF has an information control system, using assessment comments and labels, implemented by the users themselves in order to provide more information to the other users to check the suitability of the service. VILLA BANDAMA GOLF is not responsible for comments or assessments made by the actual users. VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will only take action regarding them if they are made illegally or are written in offensive or improper language with regard to any other users.
Likewise, in order to maximize quality, indicators assessed by clients are the parameter laid down by default for seeking services. Nevertheless, VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will ensure the truthfulness and correctness of the data contributed and published on the website, as well as the characteristics and conditions contained in the offers and publicity included in the information supplied.

There may be links to other websites on the website over which VILLA BANDAMA GOLF has no control and/connection and for which it consequently does not hold itself responsible. VILLA BANDAMA GOLF does not sponsor or guarantee any of these third party websites, which have been included by users for their own interests.

VILLA BANDAMA GOLF reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the contract in the following cases:- Force majeure or circumstances beyond the control of VILLA BANDAMA GOLF.- Reservation made using false information (for example, by falsifying a Client’s personal data).- If VILLA BANDAMA GOLF considers that use of the services contracted may damage operation, the public image and the security of its facilities and this damage is not attributable to the management and organization of VILLA BANDAMA GOLF.
- If VILLA BANDAMA GOLF or the supplier considers that the general or special conditions of the service are not being respected.
- VILLA BANDAMA GOLF is obliged to notify a Client immediately of their right to cancel the contract.
- In the event of this cancellation being justified by any of the    causes contained in this contract, the Client will have no right to any indemnity.

Use of the services offered by the Website will imply full and unreserved acceptance and the validity of each and every one of the terms or general conditions – which will be considered automatically included in the contract signed with VILLA BANDAMA GOLF without transcription thereof in the latest updated version of these terms and/or general conditions being necessary in the contract.
To do this, the client must provide their personal data (name and surnames *, National Identity document [D.N.I*], e-mail* and/or telephone -*obligatory data-), as well as the data of a credit card owned by them (type of card, credit card number and expiry date) use of which will depend on the method of payment chosen by the client from among the options offered. Credit card information will not be requested in the event of payment being made by bank transfer.
By completing the personal data form in any of the following contracting processes, the owner of this data authorizes VILLA BANDAMA GOLF to use and process by computer the personal data supplied in order to make the reservation requested and/or manage internal or external services for VILLA BANDAMA GOLF. A client making a reservation is informed that the hotel will be notified of their personal data in order to arrange the reservation and guarantee execution thereof.
A) Contracting procedure: when using the service, after having introduced your data, the reservation will be confirmed through the actual website with your reservation code, with a screen appearing with detailed information about the reservation. An e-mail confirming the reservation with detailed information thereof will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the client. The electronic contracting process will terminate, it being understood that the reservation service has been contracted as a result.
The whole service contracted will be paid on arrival a the establishment.

C) Cancellation system.
A reservation may be cancelled, using the cancellation link in the confirmation of the reservation send by e-mail or by telephone, using the information and reservations number given on the Website. If a repayment is applicable under the general conditions of the service, this will be made within a period of approximately seven days due to possible administrative formalities among the different banks.

Costs of cancellation:

a) Cancellation at least two days before the date of arrival of the client: 0% of the total amount of the reservation.
b) Cancellation within a period of less than two days before the date of arrival of the client: payment for the reservation one day’s stay.

The invoice for the costs of cancellation will be sent to the address given by the client on registration.

D) Indemnities in the case of the client not appearing at the hotel.
If the client does not register at the hotel on the date of arrival in accordance with their reservation, the hotel may debit their credit card (information for which has been received from the client beforehand) with the amount of one day’s stay.

These are those specified in each of the products by the actual supplier of the service and which will be added to this contract.


VILLA BANDAMA GOLF will not  be held responsible for the truthfulness of users’ data or for communications in this regard. Likewise, the User undertakes not to hinder access by other users to the service by massive consumption of computer resources through which the owner of the Website provides the service, or to carry out action which damages, interrupts or causes errors in the said systems.
The User undertakes not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequences of characters which cause or are liable to cause any kind of disturbance to the computer systems of the owner of the Website or of third parties.

These General Contracting Conditions are governed by Spanish law.
The parties expressly forego any jurisdiction which may apply to them and expressly submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to resolve any dispute which may arise in the interpretation or enforcement of these contractual conditions.





In ____________________, on __   __________.

This request must be signed and sent to VILLA BANDAMA GOLF at the following address: Lugar Campo de Golf 10, CP 35319, Santa Brígida, Las Palmas de G.C. and must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s identity in any event.




I herby write to you on behalf of the Company VILLA BANDAMA GOLF to notify my wish to cancel the authorization granted to receive publicity in respect of the products and offers offered by your company.

This request must be signed and sent to VILLA BANDAMA GOLF at the following address: Lugar Campo de Golf, 10 CP: 35319 Santa Brigida, Las Palmas de G.C. and must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s identity in any event.



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